Al Zorah 





Our vision is to establish Al Zorah Golf Club as the leading golf and leisure destination in the Middle East, providing exceptional experiences through our world-class facilities, breath-taking natural environment, and commitment to excellent service. We strive to promote the sport of golf and foster an inclusive, sustainable community that respects and protects the unique biodiversity of our location.



Our mission is to maintain and enhance the rich biodiversity of our surroundings while providing an exceptional golfing experience. We are committed to sustainability and conservation, seeking to balance our sporting activities with the preservation and appreciation of nature. Our efforts include proactively managing water resources, using eco-friendly materials, minimizing waste, and promoting local fauna and flora. Furthermore, we aim to raise environmental awareness among our staff, members, and guests and contribute to the overall ecological health of the Al Zorah region.




Al Zorah Golf Club in Ajman, UAE, is special because it’s in a protected area and known for its large mangrove forests and changing tides.
These mangroves, one of the few in the UAE, are home to many different animals namely fish, birds, and small mammals. They provide food, shelter and are a key part of the local environment. They also help in storing carbon and protect the coast from erosion and storms.
The changing tides at Al Zorah make the golf course unique. When the tide comes in and out, it changes the look of the course. At low tide, golfers can see more of the mangroves and the animals that live there. At high tide, the course looks like it’s made of islands.
When designing the golf course, a lot of thought was put into preserving the natural area. With the mangroves and changing tides, Al Zorah Golf Club is more than just a place to play golf. It’s a lively place full of nature.

Al Zorah Golf Club we’re dedicated to environmental stewardship. We demonstrate this commitment through our quarterly ecological initiatives. These include activities such as the World Environment Day, during which we have planted hundreds of young mangrove trees and organized clean-ups. We are excited to embark on a new project, which involves introducing more mangroves to the 15th hole of our course.



As the first GEO-certified establishment in the area, Al Zorah Golf Club is celebrated for its splendid natural environment and top-notch golfing amenities. The club is poised to dramatically broaden its nature reserve and wildlife efforts, endeavoring to harmonize the extravagance of the sport with the preservation of the region’s distinctive natural ecosystems.
The planned expansion of the nature reserve will be meticulously designed, bearing in mind the established mangrove forest, one of the area’s most cherished natural assets. Al Zorah’s mangroves provide a sanctuary for diverse wildlife, specifically different bird species such as the pink flamingo, heron, and egret. The design for expanding the reserve will strive to maintain this critical bird habitat while providing improved vantage points for birdwatchers and those who appreciate nature.