Al Zorah Golf Club – Dine

Al Zorah Golf Club boasts an array of restaurants which provides exciting menus with a wide variety of fresh and contemporary cuisine in a relaxed, comfortable setting with one of the most scenic backdrops in the country.

We are open to the public and you are always welcome to Dine at Al Zorah.



Derived from the Arabic word for “pairing”, Thanani’s culinary inspiration comes from the powerhouse kitchens of modern-day Europe, Paris, Barcelona, London, Rome and the north of Italy. Featuring a unique European “grazing” style with sumptuous dishes designed to be shared, the chefs at Thanani customise dishes according to the European seasons and ensure that ingredients used are of the highest quality. Thanani prides itself on paying attention to flavour pairing and staying well-rooted in traditional combinations with a signature twist.

Culinary Theme

Thanani is a contemporary European restaurant and terrace, serving sharing plates from across Europe with an Arabic influence, which is complemented by a bespoke and well-crafted beverage menu with a refreshing take on classics. High-quality produce such as incredible cuts of meat from livestock raised on the lush pastures of European countries and sustainably-sourced seafood and fresh fish caught off the European coasts is imported directly to Dubai. The premise of Thanani is simple – clean, distinct flavours presented in a simple but beautiful way. Head Chef Ricardo Menta’s vision is to always utilise the finest ingredients and to enhance rather than overpower their natural flavour profile.

Shakespeare and Co.


In today’s world, Shakespeare and Co. is an old-fashioned concept with values that are just as important to us now, as they were back when we first started out.  It’s a place you can go with friends, colleagues, and family, to enjoy a good meal and relax, knowing there’s always something to look forward to on the menu.  It’s unique yet familiar, elegant yet homely, classic and comfortable.  And that’s really all we’ve ever wanted to do. To offer a place promising quality food, charming surroundings, warm hospitality, value for money, and good times.  A place you can feel at home.

Culinary Theme

Shakespeare and Co.’s menu comprises of classic dishes from the world’s favorite cuisines – in essence, reflecting the rich diversity of the patrons who visit our restaurants. We use classic methods and fresh ingredients to concoct quickly prepared, craveable meals that persuade a nostalgic feeling of home. From rustic Lebanese Saj, to an array of classic Italian Pizzas and Pastas, and humble yet delicious finger foods, to rich meat and seafood entrees, we have crafted our menu to suit every palate and craving.